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​Sorry, Due to adult theme content and for comfort of other clients, no one under 10 is allowed in the store



It is first come, first serve​

  1. Caring staff
    professional and friendly staff
  2. Happy Client
    Nose Piercings
  3. Cheek dermal implants, Double conch piercing, forward helix, multiple cartilage piercings
    Serious fan
  4. navel piercing, navel jewelry
    two girls with navel piercing
  5. Nose, brow piercings
    3 girls with piercings
  6. Conch, cartilage piercing
    girl with conch
  7. Woman with labret piercing
    Woman with Labret piercing
  8. woman with nose piercing
    Sassy sexy
  9. The awesome staff at Cbgb
    The girls in the Hall
  10. Welcome to Colourbox
    Colourbox Body Piercing
  11. eyebrow piercing, nose piercing, monroe piercing, lip piercing.
    Funky chick with piercings
  12. Girl with angel bites and medusa piercing, jestrum piercing
    angel bites and medusa piercing
  13. Girl with septum piercing and snake bite piercings
    Septum piercing and snake bites
  14. Girl with septum piercing
    Septum piercing
  15. Nose piercing
    Nose piercing being performed
  16. Tattooed and pierced girl, Jestrum piercing, Labret piercing, Gauges
    One of our very own!!
  17. jestrum piercing, medusa piercing
    woman with medusa
  18. girl with piercings
    customer with piercings
  19. Male nose piercing
    This guy!
  20. 1 inch gauges
    Our favorite Broadway Neighbor
  21. Pierced Girls
    Pierced Girls
  22. Rebecca Haen
    The Boss
  23. Fancy triple upper pinna piercing
    triple upper pinna
  24. employees
    Awesome employees.
  25. girl with snake bite piercing, tongue piercing, brow piercing
    Snake bites, tongue piercing, brow peircing
  26. girl with snake bite piercing, brow piercing
    Fantastic customer
  27. girl with 4 finger micro dermal anchor piercing
  28. girl with jestrum, medusa, labret piercing
    Medusa and labret
  29. Girl with piercing


You've got one life to live. Make it yours. At the Colourbox we are here to help you bring out the dramatic or just make a subtle statement with a well placed piercing.
If you are unsure of what you're looking for we can help. We are always honest on what will look good and what will work best. We keep on top of ever changing trends and and pride ourselves on being an industry leader adapting to emerging information on better aftercare and wound treatment.  Continuing education is always a priority at the Box!